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WWII Australian made V-44 Survival Bowie OR USMC Raider Fighting Knife

Excellent and hard to find Australia made copy of the Collins V-44 pilots survival bowie knife. These knives were "liberated" from the pilots bailout kits and found their way into all different areas of the Pacific Theater and some variants were used by the U.S. Marine raiders. Condition is good and as found and uncleaned. Has some grinding sharpening marks to the blade. Tiny stress crack to one the rivets and brass cross guard has some slight looseness. More of a sign of legitimate age than a flaw. Please know that the Aussie made 1st marine division patch is for display and is not included in the sale at this time.Great heft to this knife! The sheath is the original Car's Australian made, please see photo of underside of snap. Knife came from the estate of a WWII signal corps Vet who was one of the original "90 day wonders" who was pushed through a very abbreviated training period and sent to the front early in WWII and he fought in the Pacific theater.


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