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WWI sterling hunter cased trench watch LN military lever red 12 Swiss made

Sold & shipped-Thank you!- WWI sterling hunter cased trench watch "LN military lever" on dial. Outer case is sterling and marked .925 with a lion proof mark. WWI first made wristwatches practical for men's wear. Previously men preferred pocket watches, wrist watches were deemed "effete" Inner case is brass with a nickel coating that has some wear to it. The numerals are luminous,with the exception of the red 12- most likely they are radium the only source that glowed at that time. Watch runs strong-too strong in fact. It will have to be cleaned and regulated by a professional. Has enough power to run overnight. Lugs are in fine shape. Watch band has corrosion, one retaining strap broken, and is really too small for modern wrists. Reproductions are available. Real photo postcard of the young soldier wearing a wristwatch comes with the auction. The soldier is named on the back. Thank you!


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