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WWI era M-1904 Springfield Armory hospital corps bolo machete Rock Island arsenal sheath

WWI era M-1904 Springfield Armory hospital corps bolo machete, date coded 1910 serial number is 14,376 one of 3,000 made that year. Re-issued with Rock Island arsenal scabbard for WWI service dated 1917. This knife is really a tribute to the pre WWI "brass era" construction. Full mount brass hardware to sheath, has a steel Krag type belt hangar in excellent shape. Walnut handle with brass rivets and cross guard. Very impressive knife to see in person 17 1/4" overall length. Handle in excellent shape. Blade is very thick at .0375" and has a single beveled edge like a hewing axe. Blade has been refinished and polished professionally but still retains some light surface pitting, scratches and knicks.To call this a fighting knife is really a misnomer, its really between a utility knife right between a machete and a hatchet Excellent addition to any WWI or Springfield Armory collection.


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