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Winchester A-5 telescopic 5X sight scope WWI M1903 SMLE P14 USMC sniper rifle

SOLD! Thank you! One of the first successful and practical telescopic sights made, the Winchester company the A-5 telescopic 5X sight. So successful it was used by The U.S. and the U.K. as standard equipment for WW I sniper programs. The U.S. Army and USMC versions had Mann Neider mounts. Since the vast majority of military A-5 sights were not martially marked this scope would make a great centerpiece for WW I sniper replica builds based on the M1903, SMLE, P14 or USMC rifles.This sight has standard single crosshair reticle and pat pending No 2 Winchester mounts. Blued tube is very nice for its age, there are faint lines in the tube where the scope moves after each shot. There are some scuff marks around the reticle mount screw see photo # 17 also some wear on tube on photo #10, some bluing wear to the front mount photo #6. The optics are good, with the crosshairs intact and just some faint haze around the outside, most likely this was the view in the early 1900's as well and was considered "state of the art" at the time. This sight does not have the "mousetrap" spring that puts tension on the tube, it does have the hard to find rubber eye cup. Comes in what appears to be a British issue wood carrying case some of the labels are torn. It lists the scope as a "Mk VIII model 7 telescopic bore site" & "Winchester A-5" .The last two photos are from a reprint of Winchester's 1916 catalog and not included in the sale, just for information only. International shipping is possible just email me for a quote. I also have a variety of base mounts to work besides the ones shown for no extra charge-No more than two. Just check with me. Thanks


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