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Vintage Cobb Island style hollow carved hissing or swimming Canada Goose decoy full size 32" long

SOLD! Thank you!- Vintage hollow carved hissing or swimming Canadian goose decoy. Unknown carver but in the Cobb island style. Large full size decoy at 32" long by 8 1/2" wide. This goose can either be floated with a rig or stood up in the field. Hand paddled lead weight with brass screws and leather loop strap. Appears to have quite a few touch ups and repaints over the years from frequent field use, the lead based white paint on the underside shows significant crazing with some spots missing.I have examined the paint under UV light and its dark as a tomb, no modern paints or touch ups are evident.Condition is very sound overall with the exception of paint loss and a tight age split to top of head, has been waxed or had shellac applied at one point to stop further paint loss . Excellent V-shaped carving to tail feathers, overall flow, scale and presence of this decoy is masterful.Take a look at all photos taken in studio and natural lighting with the 12" rule for scale, this goose would be an excellent addition to anyones collection. Do see my other folk art decoys and carving As always lots to see.


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