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Early WWII USN / USMC Paris Dunn Mark 1 dummy training rifle Clarinda Iowa

SOLD -Thank you! WWII USN / USMC Paris Dunn Mark 1 dummy training rifle modled after the Springfield M1903 rifle. In the immediate need to prepare for war and revamping of civilian factories to change over to military production "real" weapons went to the troops actually fighting the war. These trainers were made to fill that gap for basic familiarization, they were universally unpopular. The bolt action '03 Springfield was the rifle that went to war initially before the M1 Garand. This is a full scale model of the Springfield rifle, the action cycles and the trigger works, making a "click" when pulled. Theres some condition issues the front stock band and one sling swivels is missing. There is a name or initials on the stock. part of the rear of the bolt has a piece missing. The elevation sight works but has had a bump. Fairly hard to find trainer as most were destroyed or given to children as toys. I recently found some great WWII vet bringbacks lately- Do see more.


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