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Antique holly sword cane hallmarked nickel silver handle $0.00

SOLD- thank you! A Gentleman's walking stick / sword cane, from the personal defense era. Antique banded holly branch cane with nickel silver banding hallmarked "GB" in two spots.Most likely United Kingdom in origin.

Vintage Henderson Ames Co named Knights Templar sword and case $0.00

ON HOLD-not for sale at this time.Lavishly decorated named Knights Templar fraternal sword with scabbard and leather travel case. Made by the Henderson Ames Company. Amazing condition, with excellent imagery to the sheath and gold etched blade.

Maritime folk art signed polychrome scrimshaw mermaid sword fish bill $745.00

Excellent piece of nautical maritime folk art. 27'' long sailor made swordfish bill ''sword'' with wooden carved handle. Whimsical mermaid figure, the very picture 19th century pulchritude on the blade face as well as a clipper ship and anchor.

German WWII Nazi Police Degen sword WKC maker SS Kultureichen runes $895.00

German WWII Nazi Police Degen or straight sword. WKC maker, rare SS rune stamped blade with steel scabbard.

Prussian Imperial Germany civil service sword mother of pearl eagle pommel etched blade $0.00

SOLD-THANK YOU! Prussian Imperial Germany civil service sword with leather scabbard. Very ornate Eagle handle with mother of pearl scales. Unmarked in any way that I can see. Blade etch is 95-98% complete with some small spots of corrosion.