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Pre 1899 Firearm

19th Century pinfire knife pistol pre 1898 firearm $0.00

SOLD....19th century pinfire knife pistol with stag horn grips German silver bolster and mounts. Unmarked and manufacturer not known possibly British or Belgian.

Civil war era Remington new model 1858 pistol restoration project $0.00

Sold....Civil war era Remington "New model" 1858 percussion cap .44 caliber black powder revolver. Military inspection cartouche on grip and initials stamped on "CS" on both sides.

19th century No 2 1 1/8" bore CC Brand shoulder whaling gun and lance $0.00

Pre 1899 percussion firearm the Brand shoulder fire whaling gun. Made of bronze and cast iron it weighs in at just under 20lbs in the fairly hard to find 1 1/8" No 2 bore with the projectile.

FIne 19th century engraved Klett & Sohne side by side shotgun $1,750.00

FIne engraved 19th muzzle loading shotgun by Klett & Sohne of Germany, circa 1870.

Antique pre 1899 firearm miniature 6mm Flobert parlor pistol for indoor use $0.00

SOLD-Thank you! Miniature 6mm Flobert parlor pistol. German proof marked breech loading rimfire pistol. Tiny scale, do see the 1898 quarter for reference. Invented by Flobert for indoor shooting.

Civil war era JE Evans Philadelphia percussion derringer pocket pistol pre 1899 antique firearm $0.00

SOLD!-Civil War era JE Evans Philadelphia percussion derringer pocket pistol. J.E. Evans was a fine maker of firearms in the North from 1850-1872. He very closely copied the original John Henry Deringer.