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Civil war era JE Evans Philadelphia percussion derringer pocket pistol pre 1899 antique firearm

SOLD!-Civil War era JE Evans Philadelphia percussion derringer pocket pistol. J.E. Evans was a fine maker of firearms in the North from 1850-1872. He very closely copied the original John Henry Deringer. This pistol has No less than 8 German silver hand engraved inlays. Small at 5 1/2" overall 2 1/2" barrel. The caliber is undetermined but the majority of these were made in .44 caliber- though it could be .41, the barrel is rifled but has corrosion, about 1/3 of the percussion nipple is broken as are bits of the hammer shroud. I test fitted a percussion cap and it seated just fine. Before considering firing this pistol it needs to go to a competent gunsmith to determine actual caliber and functionality. This is more suited as a collectible than a shooter. The steel lock cover barrel and backstrap are also engraved. This is an untouched original the German silver is unpolished and all the steel is nut brown. Small bumps and nicks to the walnut stocks. This items is NOT for sale to New Jersey, New York City or Washington D.C. This is a pre 1899 antique firearm with no serial number, it is black powder and muzzle loading comes with no loading accessories and does not accept any commercially available cartridge an FFL license is not needed. I would be happy to ship from an FFL to an FFL if requested. Please as we know these law vary from state to state, please know the law for your state before ordering-Thanks!


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