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Athabaskan Alaskan eskimo figural hand carved maritime folk art trade pipe and stem

Sold!.....Athabaskan Alaskan eskimo figural hand carved trade pipe and stem. Novel hinged bowl cover the Eskimo figures mouth has a tiny slit to allow airflow when lid is closed. The hand and bowl appear to be mahogany, the bowl is lined with tin or steel and still smells faintly of pipe tobacco. The figural hand style is very consistent with English or American sailors and maritime folk carving, This form is repeated with other whaling or sailors items, chest beckets and dipper handles. The Eskimo or Athabaskan face is a hallmark of the first nations people. I believe this is a sailors carving or trade item. Excellent piece! Has some tiny age checks to wood from shrinkage and age. I would easily date this item to 100-120 years old. I came across some excellent Native Alaskan and plateau native American pieces recently.


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