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Sold....Civil war era Remington "New model" 1858 percussion cap .44 caliber black powder revolver. Military inspection cartouche on grip and initials stamped on "CS" on both sides. Underneath the Right hand grip their is a message written in pencil that I can't make out.


Excellent turn of the century Japanese made silk embroidery of this 5th Calvary trooper. Rare with image of the USAT Thomas, a very modern for the time troop transport built for the Spanish American war. These souvenir embroideries were made in port and taken home for framing.


SOLD! THANK YOU! Charming hand carved solid Mahogany Clipper ship bookends. Signed on the bottom felt by carver long ago. Great patina, appear to be of the arts and crafts era. Very small mount of white paint on one.


Antique tobacco felt pillow cover 48 star American flag and universities.-one sided.


Pre 1899 percussion firearm the Brand shoulder fire whaling gun. Made of bronze and cast iron it weighs in at just under 20lbs in the fairly hard to find 1 1/8" No 2 bore with the projectile. Hammer sets up and falls, has small crack just starting in the trigger guard. Ramrod is not present.


3 color BDU desert storm era XL 2nd division from Army Ranger Major. Has master parachute wings and expert infantry badge. One small pinhole near removed name tag. 4 pockets nice large size.


Excellent piece of nautical maritime folk art. 27'' long sailor made swordfish bill ''sword'' with wooden carved handle. Whimsical mermaid figure, the very picture 19th century pulchritude on the blade face as well as a clipper ship and anchor.


Off to auction-not available at this time. WWII dagger theater knife named sheath. Appears to be completely handmade, stacked leather and aluminum spacers. Sheath is very high quality with marbles outdoor products snap. Has name of owner stenciled on back.


SOLD- Thank you ! Beautifully made James Pyott of London bronze frame with ebony handle sextant, with locking wood case and skeleton key. Has three objective lenses and magnifier in the degree scale. Very nice patina and light verdigris. Has some light haze and spotting to lenses due to age.


Not available -British Royal Engineer Sapper named numbered WWI campaign medal grouping India service Mahsud Waziristan for sale


Original General Tom Thumb & wife Lavinia mounted photo. Signed on the back with fountain pen.Preforming since the early age of 5 and very distant cousin of PT Barnum himself. At one point one of the most famous entertainers in the world. Photo is circa 1870 some slight stains.


FIne engraved 19th muzzle loading shotgun by Klett & Sohne of Germany, circa 1870. Muzzle loading percussion cap side by side shotgun.Light and handy gun, 43 1/2" long, bore measures roughly .600-620" making this the equivalent of a modern 20 gauge. I do not know the exact gauge.