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*NOTE product is available but only when shipped to an FFL agent or Curio & Relic License holder. I can work with you to find an agent to ship to in your city or town. Just contact me to for a quote. No sales to California or Internationally at this time.


SOLD- thank you! Eclectic folksy handmade seed box from the arts and crafts era. Strong red and blue milk paint with verses from Ecclesiastes 3 "A time to plant", "A time to harvest", "A time to love". Very solidly constructed with double walls, unusual trapezoidal shape.


SOLD- Antique civil war era surgical or veterinary fleam. C Gregory is listed as a Sheffield cutler in the mid to late 1800's. The best steel at the time in world was from the cutlery centers of Sheffield in England and Solingen in Germany. Horn handle with slight damage to one scale.

Antique 19th century Canadian sailing ship Simoda hand painted porcelain plaque

Rendering of the brig Simoda 127ft built at the Annapolis ship yard in Nova Scotia Canada 1865. Flying the red ensign flag, a successful merchant ship with 15 entries in Lloyd's American and foreign shipping registry from 1865-1872. Hand painted on porcelain oval plaque 9 1/2" x 7 3/8".


ON HOLD-SOLD! Thank you Fine bronze sculpture of a French bulldog by Paul Edouard Dreux 1855-1947. Approximately 7" long by 6" high. Incised signature "P. Druex" to base and foundry marks "EV 590" to side. Original French bronze circa 1900's. Slight wear to patination on back and tops of ears.


Antique 19th or very early 20th century English Sterling silver blade pocket or fruit knife. Hallmarked blade, mother or pearl handles and excellent hand file work to back spring and bolsters. Scales are in very good shape no cracks or chips.


Charming vintage shaker attributed wooden slide top lunchbox. Has bent wood domed top with ties for a thermos. Approx 12" long, has one age split in lower half of box.

Vintage Vietnam era VF-96 fighting falcons F4 phantom squadron lighter

SOLD- Thank you! Vintage Vietnam era VF-96 fighting falcons F4 phantom squadron lighter. Vintage Japanese made 60's to 70's penguin lighter


Pine table top antique butter churn in strong blue milk paint. Completely hand made churn in octagonal form. Table top style measures 15" tall and 15" long not including crank handle, 13" at the widest point.

1st Marine aircraft wing enlisted club Iwakuni Japan Vietnam era lighter

Vintage Japanese made Penguin Dynamic lighter from the Marine Corps enlisted club air station on Iwakuni. Mid 60's to late 70's vintage. Very lightly used condition.


Named WWI Marine corps veteran parade smock from the 40 & 8. The 40/8 was a comedic nod to the french rail transport system that fit either 40 troops or 8 horses. Modeled after a French working smock worn at parades or meetings. Fantastic shape and large chain stitched Indian head patch.


Vintage Hubley Harley Davidson cast iron motorcycle toy. Strong original orange paint and nickel plated wheels. 5 1/2" size no chips cracks or breaks.