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RCMP vintage hand tailored uniform pants circa 1900's. Entirely hand sewn construction dating the garment to 1900's-20's. Waist size is stenciled as a 28. Fine condition. For more specific sizes just use the messaging system and I'll be happy to provide them.


350+ WWII 1943-45 letters home from private T Mansfield 71st division 609th field artillery battalion. The 71st has an amazing order of battle in WWII from D-day on. I have a conservative estimate of 350 letters in this crate.


Victorian era vintage NWMP Northwest mounted police uniform jacket. This was from the famous Brocklind's costume rental store here in Seattle. They had been in business for 106 years!


WWII German police or parade lightweight helmet. From the estate of then private T Mansfield of the 71st Division 609th field artillery battalion. Multiple scuffs and scrapes to outside of helmet. Liner in exceptional shape with cork spacers still intact.


SOLD thank you-Lot of 20 Canadian NWMP & RCMP antique & vintage uniform buttons. Mostly early Northwest mounted in all shapes and sizes. If you have a moment do take a look at my other RCMP and NWMP uniform items.


WWII German M18 single decal transitional helmet m1931 liner. 100% original apple or "pea soup" green paint. With single eagle decal. From the estate of then private T Mansfield of the 71st Division 609th field artillery battalion.


ON HOLD & SOLD-THANK YOU! Named RCMP Royal Canadian mounted police vintage uniform Jacket and pants vintage transitional era post North West mounted police 1920s era. This is from the famous and now closed down Brocklind's costume shop which had held inventory since 1906!


SOLD! Thank you! Great find of a WWII German officer M38 overseas cap feldmutze Heer Infantry. From the estate of then private T Mansfield of the 71st Division 609th field artillery battalion. Very gentle wear to this one with just some of the stitching showing on the inside.


SOLD thank you-1945 dated WWII 90mm M19 shell M48 M48A3 tank and Artillery shell 24" tall. Unpolished attic fresh condition. One small dent to side and very small dings to shell mouth.Whopper of a shell considered the largest shell you could manually load at the time of its creation.


ON HOLD & SOLD-Thank you! "Dutch" pattern used by the Hessian mercenaries and by colonial troops during the Revolutionary war. Proof marked with a single P or perhaps a B its hard to make out, it is expertly hand forged. Socket mortise has some wear from use.


OFF TO AUCTION-NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Fantastic battlefield take of a WWII IJA 90 shrapnel damaged Japanese helmet & Hinomaru signed flag remnant. Liner and cloth chinstrap are in wonderful aged condition with great patina.


Pre photography these miniature portraits were very popular. Many artist made their living painting these thought the 18th & early 19th century. Please see the close ups of the painting under progressive magnification 3 to 20x- You can see the brush strokes. Amazing artistry.