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Wonderfull antique cigar humidor. Excellent hand carved imagery of two symmetrical dragons or hippocamps (Hippocamps are the mythical beasts who pull Poseidon's chariot) If you notice these two mythical party catalysts have cigars between their teeth.


Great find of a Taylor "real" eye witness knife and sheath. Taylor's use of this trademark of the stylized eye is from the era when a great majority of the population was illiterate.


SOLD-thank you - WWII CE Juncker Heer Army paratrooper Fallschirmjager badge Type 3. Unmarked badge, blued steel magnetic pin. Gold washed rim with silver wash eagle. This example is in excellent condition, most of these have a crust of oxidation built up on the zinc.


Native American Gauntlet beaded fringed "cowboy" riding gloves. Most likely Nez Perce in origin. Truly fine craftsmanship Floral cotton lined. The have been used and show signs of use to the palms. Thread sewn circa 1900's - 1930's. Great pair


SOLD! -Antique Walla Walla Washington penitentiary prison made horsehair bridle on custom stand. From the Estate of Ray G Adams when he was Colonel of cadets at Washington state college in the early 1900's. Natural and tan braided horsehair.


Floral pattern native american glass beaded deer hide moccasins. Circa 1900-20's,These are thread sewn. These have actually been worn and seen sings of use. Wear and grime to the soles and a novel and highly skilled repair patch in place.


Enamel daughters of the Confederacy pendant pin Cadwell maker.Marked "silver" not positive if coin or sterling.Excellent condition circa 1900-20


SOLD ! San Francisco was a much different place during the gold rush era. Armed gangs roamed the streets with impunity, police and political officials were deeply corrupt. The city eventually formed citizen based vigilance committees to deal with the rampant crime and violence.


SOLD - Thank you! UCV Confederate South Carolina political "tar heels" tin pin badge. 1861-1865 115,00 voters 127,000 1903. Intricate pin with shaded heel. March 31st 1903 patent


ON HOLD & SOLD-Thank you!- Vintage late 20's 30's Deputy sheriff badge from Deschutes County Oregon. Very much a vintage item has some wear. Local estate find, has a note of provenance attached. Colt government model is not included. Since this a very light item, shipping will be free.


SOLD-Thank you! Antique UCV Confederate reunion souvenir pin badge with flag Schwaab S&S Co Milwaukee maker. Soldered open loop clasp.Please do see my other UCV and Daughters of the Confederacy items


SOLD! -Legendary Hollywood stuntman and technical advisor Arvo Ojala taught the "who's who" of Leading men from movies and television the art of the quick draw. He patented this holster in 1958, the spring steel inserts kept the rotating cylinder from contacting the leather.