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John B Shaw limited edition "Summer of '42" print. Artist proof limited to 100 copies with COA. Image of Curtiss Tomahawks and P40E Kittyhawk returning from patrol near their base at Kweilin China.


SOLD! thank you! WWII 10th mountain division 1945 date coded snowshoes, closely matched serial numbers made by C.A. Lund. Rawhide in great shape and wood frame varnish is still very bright. One attaching strap on the foot mount is broken.


Antique hand carved St Francis of Assisi Santos figure. Great remnants of original paint.Either American Southwest Spanish colonial or Filipino in origin.Very much and antique, the wood itself is incredibly light from moisture loss. Appears to have upraised hand replaced.


Vintage traditional Navajo wedding basket.Very finely woven two strand construction, with perfect fade to color on dished side. Wonderfully made basket


SOLD! Thank you! Vintage 1940's Hopi hand painted Parrot vase, delightfully asymmetrical heavy coiled construction. A little over 11" tall. Excellent condition overall slight scuffs to bottom of vase.Spots of irregular glazing most likely due to uneven kiln temperatures.


Lot of two mother and daughter vintage 30's - 40's Seminole Indian dolls. Patch work dresses palmetto fiber bodies with glass beaded necklaces and earrings. Both dresses are in good condition as are the Palmetto fiber bodies. There is on spot of abrasion on the "daughter" doll at the hat brim.


Vintage 1900-20 Native American Nez Perce corn husk hemp root bag, ruler is for scale please see all photos


Vintage 50's BMW Isetta Japanese tin toy by Bandai B-588. Fairly large at just under 7", friction drive still works very nice condition some slight scuffs by the passenger side window and windshield. Very bright and clean on the inside virtually corrosion free.See all photos! Nice example


Vintage 30's oval american eskimo basket, this is from a local Seattle estate that goes back to the teens. Most likely form the curiosity shoppe on the waterfront. Very tight weave in excellent condition. See photos of ruler for scale


SOLD-Thank you! Very clean WWII German luftwaffe breast eagle. Unmarked in any way estate bring back from Keith Kolb a veteran 84th infantry division.


Charming vintage handmade 24" pond yacht with sails folk art, very good condition overall some slight water stains to the sails. This will come partially disassembled for shipping.


19th (pre 1898) century cast iron breechloading pinfire cannon mounted to stump with square cut nails.This is a blank firing cannon that worked on a trip wire system, the bail for the trip is still attached and works fine.