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Excellent and hard to find Australia made copy of the Collins V-44 pilots survival bowie knife. These knives were "liberated" from the pilots bailout kits and found their way into all different areas of the Pacific Theater and some variants were used by the U.S. Marine raiders.


SOLD! Ed Wusthof Solingen Ges Gesch Nazi youth knife and scabbard "Blood and Honor" acid etch. This is an estate fresh item and is untouched undisturbed and uncleaned! You really can only have the original finish and patina once.This could be cleaned and lightly polished to excellent condition.


SOLD! thank you! Excellent work on the German MG34 MG42 , the German "workhorse" light machine gun by Folke Myrvang. I enjoy books written for collectors and have quite a few guidebooks in my library but I have never seen more detailed information on any subject before. Mr.


Beautifully aged 1938 NSFK Duetschlandflug (aviation meet) 1938 participants badge. Enamel over brass badge nickel plated. mm wide X mm high. After the restrictive treaty of Versailles the Nazi party's NSFK staged aviation meets to rekindle national interest and to train flyers.