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SOLD! Thank you! WWII paratrooper Schrade presto M2 pocket knife. Excellent condition, blade has been lightly cleaned of some minor pitting from storage, but has never been sharpened! Bone handles have no rivet cracks and the bail is snug.


Wire mesh Odd fellows fraternal skit / ritual mask of a stereotypical "Chinaman" with traditional real or horse hair Queue ponytail. With the banded edges holes for ties this is most likely a Demoulin mail order product. Hand painted features.


SOLD! Thank you! Vintage Hawaiin airlines pilots wings, very nice condition previous owners name scratched in back - not hallmarked. If you have a moment do see my other aviation and airlines items from this advanced collection.


SOLD- thank you! A Gentleman's walking stick / sword cane, from the personal defense era. Antique banded holly branch cane with nickel silver banding hallmarked "GB" in two spots.Most likely United Kingdom in origin. The blade portion is marked with a large "G" near the hilt.


Pre TWA type 1 30's Transcontinental & Western air transport inc airlines pilots cap badge. "Big nose" first version, not hallmarked. If you have a moment do see my other airlines insignia wings and cap badges from a recent collection purchase.


Nicely detailed hand made wood scale model of a vertical hit & miss engine. Combination of hand carved and lathe turned parts. Double sided flywheel spins, no other pieces are articulated.


Original WWI BN Bing Nuremberg marked 32 rd "snail drum" for the P08 Artillery Luger. Not positive if this is for .30 cal Luger or 9mm as both were available at the time. Both sides of drum have a matching low serial number of 590XXX.


ON HOLD & SOLD Excellent pair of American Volunteer Group or "AVG" Flying tigers 3" pilots wings.This special pair of Jeweler made wings, no hall or makers marks. wings test sterling silver the "AVG" applied letters are solid 14K gold.

Contact me for price- From a long term lighting collection an antique double signed Daum Nancy lakeside scene lamp,There are over 21 photos of this lamp available. Both lamp stages work was rewired with the incorrect cord in the 60's.


John B Shaw limited edition "Summer of '42" print. Artist proof limited to 100 copies with COA. Image of Curtiss Tomahawks and P40E Kittyhawk returning from patrol near their base at Kweilin China.


SOLD- thank you! Early WWII Type 1 un named USMC U.S. Navy purple heart medal. Plain paper box, split brooch. Medal is in very good condition, small flap of separation to box hinge.


Antique hand carved St Francis of Assisi Santos figure. Great remnants of original paint.Either American Southwest Spanish colonial or Filipino in origin.Very much and antique, the wood itself is incredibly light from moisture loss. Appears to have upraised hand replaced.