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About Us

I honestly think that interest in antiques and collectables is generational, it certainly was for me. Some of my first memories are of going to swap meets and shows with my grandfather and father. My grandmother Nellie and my uncle Dean also had "the eye" and bought and sold to local dealers in the Snohomish valley long before the internet was even a possibility or any television show.... We visited my grandparents "homestead" as we called it often and would find new treasures every weekend. Entire vintage soda fountains would magically appear in the front yard, a stunning National cash register or vintage Coca Cola machine would materialize one week and be gone the next. My grandfathers collection of lever action Winchesters, pocket knives and sporting goods were a beacon to me as a child. Without realizing it I had handled more antiques by the time I was 15 than many folks see in a lifetime. It was an amazing education I had no idea I was receiving. That interest and passion for collecting has never left me. Every year I'm amazed by the people I meet, the kindness and excitement of fellow collectors and the incredible depth of knowledge most are willing to share freely. My education is still ongoing! Whatever item brought you here I'm glad you came- Welcome to Sasquatch antiques!