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2002 1st Edition book MG-34 MG-42 German Universal machine guns by Folke Myrvang

SOLD! thank you! Excellent work on the German MG34 MG42 , the German "workhorse" light machine gun by Folke Myrvang. I enjoy books written for collectors and have quite a few guidebooks in my library but I have never seen more detailed information on any subject before. Mr. Myrvang really has outdone himself. All aspects of the MG34 & 42's from inception including testing, upgrades, optics, bipods, tripods armor and even glider mounts. Sections on armorers tools headspace gauges. etc.. Great chapter on the early night vision system optics "The Vampyr". I don't think there is a better book on the subject. 2002 1st edition.


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